This page contains information on the Minecraft mods I am actively or passively developing on my computer (and/or may have opened in a Github repository).

First Things First...Edit

The very first thing I am doing is GregoryCommons — just a "commons library" mod, which is a dependency for all my other mods. This will contain things that may be needed across multiple mods, for simplification.

GLUE: Gregory's Little Utility EntitiesEdit

GLUE is a major rewrite to the Little Maids Mobs mod that can be found on Minecraft Forums. I intend to expand the mod — from being based upon ModLoader, to now be fully Forge-compatible.

CaveGen RewriteEdit

Based upon original source code released to the public from forum user "I Am David Minecraft"; not an attempt to replace the successor mod by "-Reaper-". CaveGen Classic Revamp will do some things similar to the original, but tweak some of the structure generation and random chest-generated loot.

"Challenge:Accepted" SkyBlock WorldEdit

This mod will make a Skyblock-like world generator with some interesting tweaks and configurations. I call it the SkyBlock: Challenge:Accepted world generator.

Infinite Fall PreventionEdit

Also relevant to Skyblock, Infinite Fall Prevention does what the name says: it prevents repetitively falling to one's death. It does not prevent the original death; however, it kicks in at the respawn event, to examine where the player is being placed. If the position the player is being respawned would result in another death, then

Alien ObjectsEdit

No, I don't believe in aliens from outer space; however, that doesn't mean I cannot create some "alien-inspired" blocks and items that can be used in other aspects of Minecraft. (Such as, super-tough creeper-proof building materials?)

Dirt RecyclerEdit

This may be of no use to Skyblock players; but in a normal world, it will give some alternative uses for stacks of dirt.

MobTalker Classic RevampEdit

Again, going back to source code found in a Github repository, MobTalker Classic Revamp is simply meant to tweak the player-to-entity conversational possibilities and script management, also attempting to bring the ModLoader-based code up to modern Minecraft Forge compatibility. I am not making "Not Safe For Work" content, but will use it for general conversations. Beyond that, it should have a scriptable conversation system similar to the predecessor.

Massive VaultsEdit

My Massive Vaults is a mod for larger forms of storage, bigger than the vanilla chests.

Boats EvolvedEdit

(Idea on hold.) Based upon a Suggestions thread initiated by ThesaurusRex84, this would add larger boats with greater capacity, so that longer ocean voyages might be possible.

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