"GLUE" is an acronym, standing for "Gregory's Little Utility Entities", which I am using as the name of my LittleMaidMob mod rewrite.

The IdeaEdit

As mentioned, it is a rewrite of the LittleMaidMob mod, a Minecraft mod by MMM and others that has a tameable, Japanese anime-style maid entities. In my revamp, I would add a few new AI modes, as well as additional block and item interactions for the maids.

The AI ModesEdit

LMM supports quite a few AI modes of action already; they set the maid to perform certain activities in a standardized way. I would classify these modes as for combat, for mobility, or for support of the player. With the exception of the mobility modes, they are dependent upon a specific item being in the first slot of the maid's inventory.

  • The combat modes (archer, bloodsucker, demolisher, fencer) control how the maid entity fights other entities.
  • The mobility modes (escort, freedom, string, waiting) controls whether the maid entity is allowed to move or not.
  • The support modes (clock, cooker, healer, redstone, ripper, torcher) control the additional supporting features that the maid entity may perform for the player.

In the English Minecraft Forums thread on the LittleMaidMob mod, more recently post #1806 onward, some additional ideas for tool interactions were mentioned. These could in theory be implemented in the current mod AI system; but I also have some potential improvements for rewriting much of the AI modes.

  • A "fisher" mode would require a fishing rod, to allow the maid to catch fish from water sources. It is a theoretically possible AI mode to code, assuming the code watches the state of the fishing rod, so the maid knows to reel in the fish as necessary.
  • A "farmer" mode would require a hoe, as well as a number of seed types. The maid would be able to perform a variety of farming tasks (as an example of a "task group" mentioned below):
    • Clear an area in preparation for farming; cut down tall grasses to clear a farming location, and possibly level out the ground with the addition of a shovel.
    • Till the ground with the hoe, to a specific pattern for planting.
    • Plant seeds and harvest crops (wheat, potatoes, carrots, melons, pumpkins, and other plants) as necessary.
  • A "lumberjack" mode would be a return to the original use for the axe, allowing the collection of wood from trees. (Although in context, I would likely create a different kind of "battle-axe" or other weapon that the "bloodsucker" mode would use.)
  • An "animal tamer" mode might use some tool (such as a carrot-on-a-stick) to lure mobs (tameable only, not hostiles) back to a certain location (your very own "animal barn").
  • An "enchantress" mode might allow for enchanting or disenchanting items.
    • One variation that I foresee is in being able to use stacks of paper to record each level of enchantment on an item; these pages could then be "re-enchanted" back to a different item, increasing existing enchants to a higher level or adding new enchants.
    • A second variation might duplicate the existing enchantment process somewhat, involving the maid in the process to reduce the experience-level cost for enchantments … the process would depend on the maid having experience levels that are used as well, to balance that potential.

And so forth. A basic idea might be to examine any activity that the player himself/herself is capable of performing, and make a parallel mode for the maids. It has also been noted in the littleMaidMob mod thread that some additional interactions were possible even though not originally specified.

Potential Improvements to the AI System.Edit

In some ways, I feel the Artificial Intelligence collection of modes could be a bit more "intelligent". One aspect might be in "RPG-ifying" the maid entity somewhat.

  • If adopting an RPG model, the maids would have their own "stat blocks" which vary from maid to maid.
  • Maids might have specialties, such as permanent bonus or malus to the aforementioned stat block. When generated wild or spawned via an egg, the maid would automatically be able to perform certain tasks better, as well as less able to perform certain tasks. This would allow for more tactical planning, of finding which maid is the best at a particular job.
  • The more she performs an AI mode, the more experience she gains (for that mode or task only). I would like to "store" this gained experience; an idea is to give the maid(s) stacks of paper, to "journalize" her experience by creating "Journal Pages" (a new item). With enough journal pages in a specific AI mode, a "Maid Guidebook" could be created with the mastery level, that could be usable by any other maid to assist in their learning.
  • An "apprenticeship" system. Some maid modes might allow for a senior maid to bring along a junior maid, and both gain experience to varying degrees. As with the previous item, senior maids with a bonus to using an objective task might be a better teacher, and vice-versa. It also might be useful to neutralize a junior maid's learning-penalty or even provide a minor bonus.

Secondarily, the current system requires placement of a target item in the first slot to be active; in one manner of rewriting this, each maid might have her own "hotbar" for active items … although probably not nine items; four to six items might be reasonable.

  • With her own hotbar of activatable items, she could switch modes as necessary to complete tasks and such; a player could fully kit-out a team of maids, with enough time, patience, and planning.

Third, designing a way for "task groups", so that a task group would represent an objective, and would contain multiple sub-tasks that would support the group objective. One example might be in the group objective to always keep a specified chest full of x number of cakes, y number of sugar, z number of milk, et cetera. Each of the objectives might require sub-tasks such as knowing where to find sugarcane, harvesting and replanting if possible, and then processing the ingredients to fulfill the objective. Tasks might be either conditionally weighted, if completable in any order, or specifically numbered, if required to be completed in a specific order.

The Maid ModelsEdit

(something here, later, about maid models.)

Maid Contracts and ExpirationEdit

A further enhancement that should be relatively good to implement would be some tweaks to the maid contracting period and notification of contract expiration.

On one point, it would be a good idea to notify the player via an in-chat message that a maid's contract is nearing expiration, and again after that grace period is over. This should be a message given with enough time so that a player can re-contract the maid in an acceptable time before she will not be hired.

On another point, the overall contract-period length could be decremented if the maid was hit by a player, doubly so if the player is her master. (No need to punch the little maid for doing what she is programmed to do or say!) This should be a deterrent, an effective penalty, against abusive players and the like. In tracking the number of times the maid was hit by a player, and even by the master, we could calculate a graduated factor for reducing the contracted time accelerated in an increasing manner for each hit.

How About Custom Soundpacks?Edit

I have the idea of abstracting maid sounds and sound-configuration to its own mod, to the extent that it should be possible to create "sound resource packs". It would be nice if maids could have a bit of variety in voice. This would require a bit of adaptation, and releasing a template sound pack that others could use to create their own sound pack. Imagine a sound pack for a tsun-tsun maid, and one for a dere-dere maid, and one for whatever in between.

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