Gradar is, understandably, a replacement radar system that I may be working upon. It was inspired by my use of the RadarBro mod, which provides a radar overlay, waypoint storage, and a friend/foe list (which I haven't used).

RadarBro was and is (currently, as of the time of this writing) based upon the ModLoader framework, but my Gradar is starting out completely based upon the Forge API system. It is also to be made in three mod parts — compartmentalizing the functionality.

Radar OverlayEdit

In the primary mod, Gradar will provide the radar overlay with a similar form and feel to use.

  • One thing I may attempt to improve is the radar overlay scaling and resolution.
  • Another improvement might be providing a full-screen map view for a wider view. (Possibly, some integration with the vanilla compass or map?)

Waypoint StorageEdit

In the second mod, Gradar will include a waypoint storage system, reworked to automatically filter itself, based upon the world-dimension the player is in. A functional sample of the source-code for waypoint management is already uploaded to a shared public folder in my Dropbox account; that will be the basis of this part of the mod.

Waypoint storage works to provide a listing of locations in the world that the player wishes to "bookmark", so that it is possible to find the location again. It is supposed to be automatically filtered for the current world-dimension that the player is in; by this, I mean that if a player passes through a dimensional portal into a new dimension, the listing of waypoints will now contain the waypoints relevant only to the player's new location. The previous list is not lost; but the waypoints for that previous dimension are merely hidden, until the player returns to that dimension.

IFF ListEdit

In the third part, it may support "IFF lists" for multiplayer servers (although this will be developed later than the other two primary functions). "IFF" is an acronym standing for "Identify-Friend-Foe"; in adaptation of military parlance, it classifies living entities as either a friendly one or an enemy. In context, this pertains to other players on a server, not the miscellaneous other creatures and monsters.

For multiplayer server arenas (where allowed), this may help somewhat by providing additional support for identification of friends (such as in one's own guild), or enemies (such as in opponent guilds), or even neutral players (by default, not recognized as friend or foe).

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