This mod is of importance to players on a SkyBlock map. Its operation is so simple, yet so valuable to players.

Basic Operating PrincipleEdit

The way that IFP is meant to operate is that it only checks the respawn position when a player is being respawned.

  • If the location where the player is respawned would result in yet another death, a search for a new position is attempted, based upon a maximum radius from the existing location.
    • If one is found that is safe, the player is moved there, instead.
    • If not, a simple but humorous chat message is shown; the player will die once more, but the system will again kick in, on the next respawn.

Inside the mod, in one of the classes, a method watches for an event where the player will be respawned. A simple positional analysis examines whether the player has nothing but air beneath. On this condition alone, a sequence of events parse the blocks in a specific radius from the current location, with the intention that a block exists to place the player upon.

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