One of the alternative Minecraft mods out there that provides interesting functionality is the MobTalker mod.

  • Notice: although the range of scripts for the original tended to go from strange, to inuendo, and directly into "Not Safe For Work" adult content, it is not my intention to provide any of the latter scripts. The mod is of interest as a topic because I also want to implement some conversation-management and dialogue system between players and NPC entities. So, no requests for

Attempting a ConversationEdit

As in the predecessor, conversation requires a custom item, the MobTalker wand. With it, the player can right-click when facing a living entity, even a hostile one; and if a conversation script has been written for that mob type and is in the right file path, a conversation is shown on screen, including any buttons with options where a dialog can branch from a default path.

Conversation ScriptEdit

An original MobTalker script is a plain-text file with commands in it that are read sequentially to setup a conversation and any branching. Each conversation attempt (one for each time using the wand) required its own text file, and with larger conversation scripts could become somewhat enigmatic; some scripts tended to be broken quite easily, if the author did not understand how to write the script.

In the new model (still in planning), script files may still be text-based, but may generally be created and managed from an external applet that handles editing the scripts.

Conversation UIEdit

A conversation in the classic mod was displayed aligned to the bottom of the player's screen; an entity graphic, if specified, was presented in the middle of the screen, extending behind the conversation pane. When dialogue choices were required, they were typically buttons centered on the screen; to proceed, a player merely had to click a button. The mod's code handled its execution.

In the revamp, this is mostly the same, however the user-interface might be scriptable so that different backgrounds and alignments might be possible.

Ideas and ImprovementsEdit

Any mod may benefit from improvement; the MobTalker mod is no different.

  • The most common improvement over the predecessor would be in allowing or disallowing certain conversations based upon if one or more of a certain item either is or is not in a player's inventory.
  • An alternate idea is for basing conversation upon certain in-world conditions, such as time of day, altitude above/below "sea level", precipitation, light level, and a host of other states.

Additional improvements might also be possible.

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