In using the SkyBlock limited-resources map, I decided it could be implemented as a world-generator mod. This is my attempt to provide a "SkyBlock-like" mod.

A World-GeneratorEdit

The primary difference of note would be that making this as a mod rather than a statically-created and distributed map, the file size is only as large as the mod itself. A world-generator mod contains all the details for creating a sky block. By default, I can create variations based upon past versions of the maps, as well as newer alternative map designs.

The newer alternative SkyBlock-type maps would be of interest to multiplayer servers. The world would be, like SkyBlock, a void expanse with the initial spawn points hanging in mid-air; zones of chunks might be repeatable regions representing guild and team home locations. Players would support their team by resource collection, trading, et cetera, to upgrade their home base; combat is not by any means necessary but would appear to be what is allowed on most SkyBlock servers.

Configurable settings could control certain precision elements present when first generating a map, and perhaps even the initial resources that a player could have in his starting inventory. Other configurations might allow for how certain aspects of a SkyBlock-inspired mod are handled.

Interaction With Other ModsEdit

The more notable alternative mod that often gets linked to SkyBlock-based gameplay is the Ex Nihilo mod, which provides helpers to break down some objects into other objects, or interact with yet other mods.

Infinite Fall PreventionEdit

In a vanilla-Minecraft, non-SkyBlock map, respawn after death is not so difficult because of the way Minecraft itself handles things; the SkyBlock map(s) make post-death respawn difficult, because the map appears to be a normal map with everything in a large distance from the core having been deleted, including all the bedrock. In my "Challenge:Accepted" world generator, I am starting by generating a new world from scratch.

Among my own modding attempts, I have designed one that will be of importance to SkyBlock players: the Infinite Fall Prevention mod. It was thought up to prevent an "infinitely-falling" series of deaths; that is, it won't prevent an original death event by, say, "falling from a high place", but it should help prevent repeated deaths from being re-spawned in a place where the player would continue to die from more falling.

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